Scapegoat Zoo Pt. 1 - Space Cops Ep7

The Chief's latest "prank" crosses the line and Jonny takes the fall.

Episode 7 introduced two recurring characters to the series: perpetual whipping-boy, Ned Niedermeyer and the biggest foil of Don and Jonny's efforts for justice on Earth, Lucius Gaglione from Internal Affairs!

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In The Stars - Space Cops Ep6

A high speed RV rodeo leads to the final showdown with an alien-murdering madman! When Don snaps, can even Jonny stop him? Plus, don't miss an amazing musical tribute to world peace by Jackie Franklin.

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Forbidden Fruits - Space Cops Ep4

Someone is targeting Balarvians and Don and Jonny mean to find out who! Don puts his master interrogation skills to work but gets sucked into an alien mindscape.

Holstered - Space Cops Lost Episode

When we received all the tapes for the Space Cops series, we discovered this lost episode. I can only guess at the reasons Holstered never made it to air. Regardless, it's available to watch NOW for the first time ever!

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All That Glitters - Space Cops Ep2

When the Chief shows Zanthar some "tough love," Don and Jonny have to get their shiny nemesis to the hospital before it's too late. On the way, they run into an all new threat. Although Geronimo and Ritz may be super cops, we realize they still have a lot to learn about Earth.

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By the Book - Space Cops Ep1

The Chief follows Geronimo and Ritz into the field to make sure they're playing by the book, but when they encounter a mysterious space punk, everything goes to hell in a handbasket!

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